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So, what letter are we on again…?

You know when you set a goal, or a resolution and the excitement of starting a new project is all you can think about? Well, evidently that has come and gone for me… I have missed this entire week’s “A-Z” challenge. Let’s see if I can play a bit of catch-up…

Got a new job! How could I have missed this lovely letter, and announcement? I have been a server for a catering company, and have been brought on to continue to work events but from an event designer side of things. I’m so excited for this new opportunity, and can’t wait to see where it takes me.

How about this weather?
The warm & sunny days in Baltimore have been spectacular, but the random hail storms and cooler temperatures have not.

Ice cream stands are back!
Ok, so the “I” word ¬†was a stretch, but who isn’t happy that we can all head to the snowball stand after work and indulge in some frozen treats. The last time I went I had the pleasure of trying a pretzel cone. Yes, you read correctly.

Just ask a question.
With my new job, and any event that I’m helping with I’ve learned that there really is not such a thing as too many questions. It saves times, and insures that the job is done right the first time. Wouldn’t you agree?

Keep it local.
I’m so excited for the return of weekend farmer’s market to peruse the local produce, and talk to those that are in charge of growing it. In that same category are local restaurants that are those that are through and through, Baltimore. My boyfriend and I love exploring local restaurants, and finding those- dare I say it, hole in the walls. Our recent favorite finds were Sip and Bite, an awesome greek diner located in Canton, and Chaps, a delicious pit-beef, small restaurant located off Pulaski Hwy.

Learn to let go.
I know the title of my blog is let’s go, but I also need to absorb the other meaning of these words, and not let things or people hold me back from getting to where I want to be. A hardworking, happy, and sober lifestyle is something I’ve desperately been working towards and I’ve come close. However, everyday is another day that I’m exposed to people and situations that can bring me backwards from my goals. Keeping a level head, and surrounding myself with the right kind of people will help me attain the goals I want.

I’m trying to get some. I’ve attempted yet another workout plan for a half-marathon. I like the set-up of this plan because it doesn’t overdue it too much, and incorporates plenty of off-days. So I figure the “off-days” would be the days I “forget” to go to the gym. We’ll see how it works out…

Never give up.
Enough said.

Oprah’s network.
Did you know she had one? Me either. Until I got sucked into a six hour marathon of her documentary show, Lindsay, that follows around Lindsay Lohan on her “comeback road.” The girl is a hot mess, but at least she’s trying.

Hopefully I get back on track with these daily posts, but only time will tell.