C, D, E, F….

C, D, E, F....

Well, it seems I missed a few days. What a shocker. Missed a few days of blog posts, missed a few days at the gym. That’s what Monday’s are for though – to get reorganized and ready for the new start to the week.

The quote in this picture pretty much says it all. I have some big changes upcoming in my life, and I feel like I’m finally ready for them. This is what all the hard work is for, and I’m ready for the hard work to finally pay off. F is for finally. Finally ready for my shot, for my time, for me. No news to announce yet, but finally things should unfold.

This makes me think of the UConn, Kentucky game tonight. That’s what those guys must be feeling, like, finally. This is what all those practices were made for, to get ready for this exact moment and finally fight for the national championship.


2 thoughts on “C, D, E, F….”

  1. Good luck in meeting your goals. The hardest thing is not setting goals, or starting them, it’s returning to them after sliding. A habit isn’t created in a day. (a-to-z participant Erin Penn)

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